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“Build on a Solid Foundation”

Matthew 7:24-25

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Check what others say about us!

“I believe the therapy I received from Adam was just what I needed to get me moving. I believe the reason I was getting around so well was due to the care and hard work he helped me to get through. Ever since, I have shared with many others the quality of therapy was the best I had ever had. I have been to several therapists because of all of my health problems, but I have never been to one like Adam.”


-Anita B.

“Adam was very thorough, knows every bone, muscle, tendon, and nerve in your body. Adam explains everything well and knows what it takes to help you recover. I am now home and doing very well, and am able to do everything by myself. I have really appreciated everything he has done for me.”


-Norma M.

“Adam became part of our family. Adam’s knowledge of physical therapy and bedside manner is comparable to no one.”


-Shirley M.

“Adam is the consummate professional. I was immediately impressed with Adam, the chemistry and trust developed almost instantaneously and I immediately knew I had found the physical therapist that was going to lead me to a full recovery.”

“Adam’s people and professional skills developed over several years of working with different types of physical challenges, his comprehension of anatomy and physiology, his devotion and dedication to his field of endeavor, his compassion and understanding, and his willingness to clearly explain what he is attempting to do are all characteristics that I strongly believe will make him and his business a big success.”

“Adam is a real friend that cares, and I will always be deeply indebted to him for his huge role in my recovery from knee replacement surgery and my TIA. Adam has truly been a godsend in my life.”


-J. William P.


Hanes Physical Therapy strives each day to help you feel better. Adam understands therapy is about people, and providing every treatment with purpose, skill, and compassion.

Personal and private atmosphere


Individualized treatment plans

“Seeing what methods and equipment Mr. Hanes uses to help rehabilitate assures me he is doing all he can to help someone regain mobility and strength. I am sure he wants to see results as much as the person he is caring for.”    


–Kenneth Ashwood

“A friend and I had the same surgery, by the same surgeon, on the same day. My outcome was bottom line faster and significantly better. My surgeon was impressed how far ahead of schedule I was.” 


–Jason Rockhold

“Your treatment, along with your gentle concern towards me, and the other patients was so appreciated!”                        


–Roberta Stutes

”I have been to a few therapists, and Adam has been the only one to design a workout especially for my needs.”    


–Todd Randall

“Friendly, professional, with good results. I don’t see a need to change anything.” 


–Shirley McDowell

“My experience with Adam’s therapy was wonderful!” 


–Marilyn Siefert

“Adam was very informative, did an excellent job, and was flexible with scheduling appointments.” 


–Patrick Weaver

“My experience with Hanes Physical Therapy was very positive. I have been around the medical profession some 35 years, and I have never seen anyone with Adam’s knowledge of the human body.”


–Claude Blessman

“The therapy was very good. Adam was very professional and had a very good personality. My recovery was right on target.” 


–Jeffrey Brown

“Completely satisfied. The best. We have been recommending you.” 


–Robert “Slick” Derenzy

“Very impressed with the care I received. Will definitely come back to Hanes Physical Therapy.”


–Larry Jackson

“Adam was wonderful! He helped me regain my range of motion and strength, never once hurting me.”


–Leesa Beecham

“A knowledge of your personal problem, its cause, and the methodology for going about a remedy.”


–Richard Etter